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Anne Carson

I put ‘Slavoj Zizek painting’ into Google after seeing one come up on Tumblr just now, I find this.
Available as a $10 print on eBay:
Condescending Kristeva
Apparently you can buy these cards as a set.


Series Idea: “Scooby-Camus Where Are You?” Four friends drive around in a van with Albert Camus trying to solve mysteries while coming to terms with their place in the universe and give meaning to that which inherently has none.


(via armsaws)


Des Super Heroes
Freud alias Spiderman
Karl Marx alias Hulk
Foucault alias Iron-man


A new online game: Escape Michel Foucault by clicking Z, X and C ~ Click here to play.  Via the Paris Review:

One way or another, we’re all running away from Foucault. In this distressing online game, you can actually run away from Foucault with your fingertips, rather than by merely existing in society. It’s scary, all but impossible, and totally futile. Well, of course; that’s the whole point. But who, apart from some people I know back at my upstate New York small, progressive, liberal-arts college, would actually play it? Real life is punishment enough.

I should totally become a assistant editor of loltheorists cause look. FOUCAULT!
Frederk Nitzschi